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I am a creative problem solver that brings a strong analytical approach combined with cross cultural insights and a deep understanding of the accelerating change happening in most industries and with the consumer to help build your business.

I often get ask, “How do I do it?” My answer is simple. I approach all problems with a passion to solve them using a modified scientific method.

I approach the situation with an open, inquisitive mind and a lot of energy.

I listen well to what everyone has to say about the problem and do my own research.

I study, organize and prioritize all the relevant information discovered.

I formulate my own hypotheses and listen to those of others.

I test the hypotheses with numerous people, iteratively improving and sorting them.

I try to look forward to anticipate what the situation might look like based on the environment today and what it might look like in the future as things change.

I present my conclusions and recommendations clearly in a reasonable time frame.

My Background

Having traveled, lived, studied and worked for over 10 years here in the U.S.A and internationally, I have a solid understanding of business processes and cross-cultural sensitivities which helps me tremendously in my open approach to problem solving and strategy building.

I have a Master’s degree in Business Marketing from Florida State University and also a Masters Degree in Molecular Biology from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor, Malaysia,

My strengths lie in my passion to succeed, my business and life experiences, my understanding of technology and analytics, plus, my ability to work well with and help others while always getting things done on time.

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