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Why should you work with me?

I'm reliable, driven to succeed and a great communicator. My own website is a small sample of the great work I am capable of. Please click here to know what my previous employers/clients have to say about me. My Clients are small businesses, entrepreneurs and  professional service providers. 

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Digital Marketing Audit

A comprehensive review of all your marketing activities

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SEO Optimization/Retainer

Three months subscription for an ongoing optimization 

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Website Creation

A smooth transition into the digital world with E-Commerce infrastructure

Oversized Fashion

Social Media 

Effective adsContent Management

Lead Generation

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Project Management

Are you  a small business owner, operating by multiple freelancers?

Let me help you  save money and time by my expertise in maximizing productivity, etc.

I am a creative problem solver that brings a strong analytical approach combined with cross cultural insights and a deep understanding of the accelerating change happening in most industries and with the consumer to help build your business.

I often get ask, “How do I do it?” My answer is simple. I approach all problems with a passion to solve them using a modified scientific method.

I approach the situation with an open, inquisitive mind and a lot of energy.

I listen well to what everyone has to say about the problem and do my own research.

I study, organize and prioritize all the relevant information discovered.

I formulate my own hypotheses and listen to those of others.

I test the hypotheses with numerous people, interactively improving and sorting them.

I try to look forward to anticipate what the situation might look like based on the environment today and what it might look like in the future as things change.

I present my conclusions and recommendations clearly in a reasonable time frame.

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